My father loves fly-fishing and since I was a little girl we have always spent a week in the summer camping in the Norwegian mountains. To me it doesn’t get any more idyllic. Sleeping in tents, grilling on the campfire, swimming in the lake and fishing in the silent summer nights. One time, I think I was about six years old, and I got so lucky to get a fish on the hook. I wheeled it in and was happy that I had managed to actually get something . We laid it down on the ground, it was jumping around and my dad said “Now, if we are going to eat it we are also going to have to kill it.” My father always tells me how I cried: “But it is so cute. And absolutely innocent.” I believe this shows how children perceive animal life. As equal to human life. The only thing I just don’t get is where does this perception go? Because if this is how we are born then obviously this justification of killing someone innocent is something we are taught?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I think that I can’t handle killing animals. I may not be killing them with my bare hands but I actually kill animals every day, don’t I? By buying cheese, bacon, chicken nuggets, yoghurt and oh so many more tasty and wonderful things I have in my fridge and cupboards I continuously support companies and industries that lead both animals and the world to suffer. I started searching online for blogs, videos, movies and articles for information about the meat and dairy industry. After watching movies like “Vegucated”, “Cowspiracy”, a speech by Gary Yourofsky called “The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” I couldn’t understand why I knew so little about this? And how this could be happening without more people acting up?

To be honest I have always thought vegans or vegetarians to be quite weird. I mean how can they manage to live without any meat, egg or dairy? And don’t they know how important it is with the protein and nutrition from animal products?

After watching all of these documentaries and articles I can’t understand why vegetarians and vegans are met with this judgement? Why don’t we thank them for actually dragging the weight for us?  And last but not least, why aren’t people like me, who can’t even think of killing an innocent animal and cry in frustration after watching horrifying clips of how the industry actually is, trying to do the same, trying to cut down on meat, egg and dairy consumption and try to make a difference?

I have now been vegan for one week. Not much to be proud of I know, but better late than never, right? I thought it would be such a challenge, and of course it did require quite a change, but I still was positively surprised with how easy it actually proved to be! I study and live in London and therefore went to a big Tesco Superstore here, thinking that this would be the place to find what a vegan eats. Proved I was wrong. I asked two supervisors if they had a vegan section anywhere in the store. They replied by asking me what vegan is. Really? Am I not in 2016? After a while I did find a place where they had a few sorts of vegan meat replacers, for instance so called “vegetable fingers” (they were yummy!!) and vegan bean burgers. I also got vegan chips, rice milk, dairy free butter, dairy free chocolate, vegetables, beans, fruits and legumes. Have read that these are typical products vegans have in their cupboards, and I do think I made some nice meals this last week, but as you know I am new to this and let’s just say I am hoping for a steep learning curve.. ^^

Wish you a wonderful week with loads of tasty, healthy and cruelty free foods!



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